KRADS is an architectural studio based in Denmark and Iceland, led by architects Kristján Eggertsson, Kristján Örn Kjartansson, Kristoffer Juhl Beilman and Mads Bay Møller.

Working as one team, our transnational setup generates a dynamic environment in which we mobilize and re-imagine the Scandinavian culture of architecture and design in an internationally aimed constellation. 

Our approach is predominantly a pragmatic one, in which the aesthetics follow from a careful reading of the particular parameters that define a project’s functional, cultural and geographical framework.

For more information give us a call or visit us at the studio.


Iceland / 101 Reykjavík / Klapparstígur 16 /  +354 664 03 22

Denmark / 8000 Aarhus C / Balticagade 9 / +45 401 601 79

Denmark / 2300 Copenhagen S / Njalsgade 17a / +354 664 03 20

Kristján Eggertsson

Founding partner, architect FAÍ

Kristján Örn Kjartansson

Founding partner, architect FAÍ

Kristoffer Juhl Beilman

Founding partner, architect

Mads Bay Møller

Founding partner, architect

Andrea Sif Hilmarsdóttir

Architect BA

Óli Geir Kristjánsson

Architect BA

Ólafur Hjördísarson Jónsson

Architect FAÍ